Monday, October 5, 2009

Driving License~~

That day i opened my wallet and see~
just realize that my driving license has been expired for almost 6 months~
Still, I drive my clk[1] go kai kai everyday
never notice that what if i been caught by MATA
what will I tell him with my expired license

License should be expired on April
until last Monday, I only notice and go to renew
RM150 for 3 years
HUHU~ no water liao
Moreover, I forgot to bring an extra photo of mine
therefore, next time i have to bring this stupid form 5 photo license with an additional ones

p/s: Don't laugh was 5 years back
Photo was taken during Form 5
I do think i've changed a lot
Wakaka..I ain't look so old now~~
[1]clk = cute little kelisa

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